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Q: What is the exclusivity of your leads?
A: Our real-time leads are sold up to a maximum of three times, but never to the same opportunity. We do not believe in selling a lead 6, or even 8 to 10 other times. Other lead companies will sell a lead multiple times for one of a few reasons, greed, they have a lot of overhead, or they do not generate their own leads they are just simply a reseller, so they pay a lot more for their leads which means they have to sell the leads 5 to 8 times. Elite MLM Leads is more focused on building long term business relationships with our customers and helping you to grow your business with the best quality leads that are never over sold at the best price bottom line.

Q: What is your replacement policy?
A: We will replace inaccurate phone numbers and disconnected phone numbers. These leads must be reported within 7 days of receiving the leads.

Q: What type of response should I expect from
A: While we cannot sign the leads up for you we do believe that Elite Leads are by far the most responsive business opportunity seekers in the world and that is do to how we generate the leads. However, it is your responsibility to fine tune your skills so that you can get the max conversion rates with these remarkable leads. Persistence and practice is the key in working leads. And you must be willing to run the numbers, for example: if "John" is talking to 10 prospects per day and "Mary" is talking to 40 per day, Obviously Mary will have better results. Your approach is very important as well. Elite MLM leads has some proven scripts available on the web site that you may use. We at elite MLM Leads will do every thing possible to ensure your growth and the success of your respected venture.

Q: How are the leads generated?
A: Our leads are generated in one of two ways;

  1. Through web positioning, which simply means that we have high search engine rankings, where prospects click from there and visit one of our lead capture pages
  2. We have a huge subscriber and opt in list that we send email to inviting them to try our home business match up service.
We do not use co-registration advertising and we do not give incentives in order to generate prospects. This is what makes Elite MLM Leads unique. Generating prospects with incentives is cheaper and less effective. At Elite MLM Leads we provide our customers with genuine opportunity seekers. Simply put, Elite MLM Leads delivers what other lead companies only say they can.

Q: When will my leads be delivered?
A: We start delivery of your leads within 48 hours of ordering. You will receive an email for each lead and you can also access your leads by logging into Leads Administration Panel If you have not started receiving your leads in this time frame, please call (888) 455-3237

Q: How do I get a team lead order site set up?
A: To get more information about a custom lead order site for your team, please contact us at (888) 455-3237 Ext 1.

Q: Is it safe to order online?
A: Yes. Elite MLM leads has the most secure online order processing systems available. All your personal information that includes your billing information is submitted via a secure server. All of this information is encrypted so that anyone trying to intercept your information would not be able to decipher it.

Q: Why does my credit card statement show a payment made to Responsive Data LLC?
A: Responsive Data LLC is the parent company of Elite MLM Leads. All payments are processed by Responsive Data LLC.