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The Proof is in Our Clients Results

My husband and I purchased 50 real time telephone leads and so far have enrolled 3 and have a few more in the works! I wish the lead flow would pick up but cannot complain about the quality. Others on our team are having the same success, thanks a mill.
Lisa (asked not to use last name)
The numbers you requested... out of 100 RT telephone interviewed leads I have signed up 7 new reps and strange enough 2 customers :). Leads rock!
Out of the first batch of local leads I was able to bring 3 biz builders into my opp. Just placed another order for 50 and I know of a few of my team members that have also purchased that I sent over to you guys.
Ultimate Life Company
So far your leads are really great --- I bought 30 Area Code leads - from the first 9 leads received I have enrolled 1 new Premier ($1500.00 position) so I can't wait to see what the rest of the order brings! Thanks for the quality!!
Susan Correa
Thanks Elite for the great mlm leads! I ordered 50 of the real time nationwide and recruited 3. Never before have I gotten that sort of response with other lead companies. Very excited and we have started promoting Elite to our team.
Heather T.
My husband and I get the real time telephone leads and have consistent success with them. We highly recommend Elite MLM Leads to anyone looking to grow their business with serious opp seekers. Janet S.
Our group has recently started using leads provided by Elite MLM Leads. I am absolutely excited about the quality of the Elite Telephone Interviewed Leads. They are ready, willing and very receptive to learning about our opportunity. These are the best mlm leads ever. Thank you very much and keep them coming!
Joe Norman
Wooster, Ohio
I've recently tried the new Area Code leads you have introduced, and must tell you from my experience these are by far the best value for the price point and exceptional in quality.I've used area code leads before that provide minimal information beyond name and phone number with email address, but to get a short form response with your network marketing leads is amazing! The prospects are very, very receptive and out of the first 20 calls I made, I enrolled 5 new members! My team and I so far have 12 new enrollments with many more yet to follow-up with. If anyone is looking to build in your own "backyard", I strongly urge you to try these area code leads. Great way to build a team in your geographic location, and get an excellent rate of return on this investment!!
Anne K.
I have been working leads for 2 years this month. I have tried other lead purchase programs, I feel like I have only wasted my time and money. I never get the awesome results that I get when I use your leads. My time is a very thing of great value. I will never use another lead program again. Elite MLM leads are the best priced and have the highest quality out there. In my opinion this is the one and only lead purchase program to use. I tell anyone in my organization to use you and you alone. Thank you for providing me with the tools needed to make my company grow to the thriving 6 figure business that it is today.
Allen M.
Eco Quest
Your real time leads are the ticket! I bought 100 of them and sponsored 11. I also got 50 of the telephone interviewed and sponsored 7! I have never had results like that before. I have to say that their real time mlm leads are by far the highest quality leads for the price. They also have a wonderful customer service staff to handle all of my needs in a timely manner. Elite MLM leads has also helped me and 3 of my team members to get into the top 10 in recruiting for our company last month. Elite is the only business opportunity leads company that me and my team use.
Kelly K.
Pre Paid Legal
I just love your telephone interviewed 3 to 7 day old leads. I bought 100 of them and enrolled 6 in 1 week. Now that is what I call return on investment. I also have 2 other distributors in my organization that have had better results than me! These leads are still very interested even though they have been sold 1 time before. Since then I have gotten 100 more. I have to say that in the last six years that I have been in MLM, I have never ever worked a telephone interviewed lead sold only 1 other time for that affordable of a price. My team and I are pumped up and are all using Elite now. Elite what ever your doing, just keep doing it. Thanks for all that you have done for me and my team.
Mark S.
Thank you Elite mlm leads for the high quality of leads. I called the telephone interviewed leads and have not called that sort of quality in several months. Best price that I have ever seen also. I sponsor about 1 out of every 8 of the telephone interviews that I call. I have tried several lead companies out there and so far have not found one that compares with you. I will be a long time customer with you guys, again thanks for the best quality of leads in the industry...
Chris & Lacy Gee
National Sales Directors, AmeriPlan USA
I got 200 of your 6 questioned 0-48 hr leads and signed up 13. Your leads ended up costing me about 30 % less than any other lead company out their. And most other lead companies sell their leads 4 to 6 times which is very frustrating. Thank you Elite.
Sandy F.
After trying many other lead companies and spending a great deal of money I was thrilled to find that the quality and consistency with Elite leads has been wonderful and my team has had some fantastic growth by using your phone interviewed leads. Plus my team and I were sick and tired of buying leads that were sold 5 other times. I would certainly recommend Elite to anyone looking to build a business with leads.
Rick W.
I am a full time business builder with Coastal Vacations. I can vouch first hand for the great value in the Elite Leads.I find them to be quite affordable and of good quality. The people we contact are in fact looking for a legitimate way to earn income from home. Myself and my team have closed sales successfully with your leads and so I recommend them to everyone I work with. Thanks for a great product!
Carole Gardner
Level 3 Director, Coastal Vacations